To reduce emissions, manufacturers in the late 90s started adding sensors to engines to monitor various functions and emissions. DENSO was one of the first companies to produce these sensors, and still today, continues to bring new technology to the industry. At DENSO, we’re committed to being the innovator to help reduce emissions while improving performance.

  • Magnetic Resistant Element (MRE) and Magnetic Pick-Up (MPU) sensors
  • Unique design with Two MREs on an Integrated Circuit (IC) chip
  • Extremely accurate, even just after an engine is started
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  • Senses changes in coolant temperature
  • Comunicates vital information to ECU
  • Helps control fuel injection, ignition timing and transmission shifting
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  • The Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor measures the pressure of the intake manifold (passage of the intake air). This information allows the ECU to control the amount of fuel injection more precisely
  • Most vehicles use MAF or MAP, but ultra-low emission engines use both to more accurately control the air fuel mixture
  • DENSO MAP Sensors offer leading edge sensing technology
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  • DENSO created the world’s first plug-in mass air flow sensor in 1966
  • Smaller, lighter and easier to mount than previous sensors
  • Platinum wire sensing element responds quickly to changes in air flow
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